Thursday, December 30, 2010

More reviews

Quite a few reviews of the book out in the blogosphere, so I wanted to highlight several newer ones.

This one by John Reilly (a commenter on the blog) calls attention to the text's focus on human inability to speak about the divine, and also to the text's positive view of the Watchers, those folks who started the whole Flood mess.

And here's another review from the Patheos website, by Angelica Nohemi Quinonez. I found the following passage particularly beautiful:
"Revelation of the Magi is a testament to God’s communication with humanity. It is not only that God communicates through the Magi through the star, just as it is not that God communicates Himself to humanity through the incarnation or the cross. Rather, God gives himself to us in love. There is an open invitation to allow that unseen resplendent light to guide us. Revelation of the Magi is, perhaps, a story about us–wanderers in expectation of seeing the mysteries reveal themselves before our eyes, walking in faith, open to truth."

Last but certainly not least, a review by Judith Weingarten, an archaeologist whose blog is truly required reading for those interested in ancient history.

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