Saturday, December 4, 2010

Were the Wise Men from China?

So asks this article by Michelle Healey in USA Today. Thanks, Michelle!!

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  1. I found something interesting. The article in USA today helped back up some of my research.

    Well, just like my other pieces I accidentally stumbled onto this. I was fine with what our legends told. Then I started with a simple navigation check.

    Because of the Star of Bethlehem was pretty much a fixed point, only those on the same Latitude would see the exact same sky.

    Bethelehem sits at 31/42’11d N x 35/11’44d E so I started looking east from that point for capital cities that Wise Men would come from, from the East.

    There were a lot of cities, but no Capitals until I came across Xi’an, the ancient Capital of China which sits at 34/16’N x 108/54’E. At the time of Christ’s birth this was the Capital City of China known as Chang’an.

    Only China and Korea make mention of seeing an unusual star in the sky. This happened in approximately 5 BC.

    Chinese travelled regularly West on the Silk Road and reached even Rome, where Silk was a big seller. Ironically some of the Roman men complained calling the Chinese silk decadent. The City of Damascus was a big intersection to the Silk Road. From Damascus it also went south to Egypt.

    At the time of Christ’s birth there were three high ranking officials under the Emperor Ai of Han (27-1 BC)

    1. Huan Tan, Official and philosopher (43 BC-28 AD)

    2. Liu Xin, later Liu Xiu, Astronomer, historian, and editor (46 BC-23 AD)

    3. Yang Xiong, an author (53 BC-18 AD)

    These three may have taken the trip, but it’s doubtful. They probably sent representatives. So to call them “Wise Men” would be proper, “Kings” not so much even though they were direct representatives of the Emperor. They would have been accompanied by traders and soldiers for protection. I found at the time that not only was China a major trader but they were developing a major think tank and studying other civilizations.

    Then I found something interesting concerning the 3 Wise Men of ancient Feng Shui known as Fuk Luk Sau These would have been brought to the Emperor.

    1. Fuk (Fook): Brings wealth or good fortune and harmony to the family

    2. Luk: Brings power, a high government official and holds the Ru Yi (scepter)

    3. Sau: Carries nector or a peach and a walking stick, stands for longevity

    (Note: They make statuettes of these characters to buy and bring harmony to the home, but they must be placed correctly)

    Here’s something else to think about. To escape Herod’s murderous squads Joseph, Mary, and Jesus may have journeyed to Eqypt with

    these travelers and so were protected from the killers, murderers, and thieves.

    Here is what Wikipedia has on the Magi:

  2. Were the Wise Men from China? What a great question. The sea and land routes (Silk Road) had been in place for some time and the sea route
    to the east side of Egypt, over to the Nile and
    then down to Alexandria would have been the easiest route in my opinion. This path would also have taken them right pass Oman, Somolia etc
    on the "Spice Road" where frankincense and myrrh
    originated and then was transferred and sold to the rest of the known world.
    Not knowing about the massive information obtained and written by Dr. Brent Laudau on this topic until today, on Dec. 16th 2011 I had written an article on the topic titled "Were The Wisemen of Bethlehem Han Dynasty Nobles From Weiyang Palace?" for my blog. Although my research doesn't belong on the same page with the years of research done by Dr. Landau I believe I do raise a couple of interesting points. One of those points is "Is it possible and does it not fit into the Biblical "contrast" context that the child born in this extremely humble place may have been honored in Bethlehem by royals of great wealth living in The Largest Palace In Human History (Weiyang).

  3. I don't think that the 3 Wise men were from China or any other country except Babylon.

    Read the story on the link below. I believe this would be the closest or if not the True place from which the wise men came from.

  4. I think it makes sense that the wise men were from China. The Han Dynasty (even more solidly established than the Roman Empire at this time), made many astronomic discoveries and observations. They were fascinated with the heavens and dedicated much time and study to them. They would have noticed the appearance of a new star. Also consider that the Bible did indeed say "from the East" and the fact that frankincense and myrrh would both come in from a Silk Road trade route (apparently one possible route is by sea, arriving in Somalia before going to Egypt, as Hendon stated above). Additionally, the Chinese utilized both of those resins in medicine and often used them together. I'd say the Han Chinese are indeed the best guess as to the identity of the wise kings.

    I find it amusing that the visitor to this site before me is in Pensacola, Florida. I'm assuming he/she's a PCC student. I'm from Liberty U, so this article seems to attract college students.

  5. Jesus was not born in Bethlehem, Judah by accident. There were/are specific reasons why anyone claiming to be the Messiah had to be born there. The fact that he was born in a barn in Bethlehem wasn't an accident either. Although not foretold as the exact city location had been, the barn as the location for His presentation to the world was specifically chosen as a symbol for all men for all time to understand that He was not given favored treatment. The entire story of Christ's birth in Bethlehem is a story of contrasts. Heavenly choirs broke the news from an exploding sky to a small group of (not so important) shepherds. A new"star" was somehow positioned to guide "the wise men" to the location where he was.
    These "wise men" had the technical skills and the knowledge to travel to that point which was a long way from their homeland. In keeping with the
    contrasts that abound around this event it's my opinion that it's quite likely
    that in addition to the shepherds who were one half of the recorded "welcoming visitors" for this birth that the other half were among the most
    learned, powerful, and richest men alive on earth at that time who resided in the largest palace in recorded human history, Weiyang Palace Chang' an China. Would it seriously surprise you if this had been arranged as just one more (never to be proven by mortals) contrast to emphasis the significance of this Transition by The Great I Am.