Thursday, December 30, 2010

Most widely-read dissertation?

I pose a question to you, inspired by the large number of people who have viewed my dissertation. It made me wonder what have been the most widely-read dissertations (presumably in published form, I would imagine). Any ideas? I'm sure mine doesn't compare, but I'd be interested to know which theses have been the most successful.


  1. All the ancient peoples used Astronomy. So did the Magi. The origin of the story of Astronomy is mentioned in the Bible in Job 38:32... upon which the following is partly based, and the rest comes from ancient texts began in the first millenia after Adam: Every Constellation portrayed a different aspect of the life and attribute of the Life and Purpose or the Messiah...Jesus Christ. See also the "Star of Bethlehem" Free for all to have access. CONSIDER

  2. Please read this: i consider the Revelation of Magi to be Scripture, so i thank you for mentioning it so that i could come upon such a wonderful treasure.

    I have studied a lot of biblical things over the years. Something i just found out today is this:

    "7:4I even prophesied when I saw her, and I said: ‘This time is bone and flesh from me.’h And rightly did I call her ‘time,’ because she became a stumbling block for me." You then say in your footnote: "a Similar to 1:2 and 2:1 above, the phrasing of this sentence seems to imply a play on words between “time” and “stumbling block.” However, as with the apparent connection between “Magi” and “silence,” it is not at all clear what similarity exists between these two words. "

    Now look what I just read today!

    Targum Pseudo-Jonathan Genesis chapter 2 "And Adam said, This time, and not again, is woman created from man. Thus, because she is created from me, (she is) bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh." He says this time "and not again". the not again i think must be key. Thus, rightly did i call her time and not again. What do you think of this?

  3. SRF Price's "Rituals and Power" is the revision of his dissertation. The bar's set pretty high, Brent!

  4. And Livia, it's a great book! But I do wonder how many copies it has sold. I should be getting a royalties statement from HarperCollins in the next few days, but I think I'm around 15,000 copies if memory serves me right. I'd be curious to know how many copies Ritual and Power has sold; it could be more, but I'm not sure how to find out!

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